It is time again for members of Zion to affirm our dedication to the Lord's work by completing the enclosed service commitment form. Every member of the household is to complete one and bring it to worship service or mail it to the church by Sunday, December 3rd. This is also the time we make our financial commitment to the Lord; we have enclosed a financial commitment form for each confirmed member to complete and return as well.

Please remember that our commitments to our facilities improvement effort through Pursuing His Plan are separate from our tithes.  As you know from our work together, our pledge to Pursuing His Plan is about sacrificial giving over and above our tithe.  With the help of the Lutheran Church Extension Fund our sacrifice is resulting in an improved facility for God’s work here at Zion!

If you know when you will be on vacation or when you will otherwise be unavailable for Sunday service duties, please note those dates on the service commitment form in the margin. If you have questions about serving as coffee hour host, please contact the fellowship committee. For those wishing to serve as offering counters, please note Zion's policy requires that we avoid situations in which relatives serve in this capacity on the same Sunday.

Thank you for sharing your first fruits in the ministry of our Lord Jesus at Zion! We have much for which to be thankful! Please let us commit ourselves, our time, talents and treasures, to the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ crucified!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

The Stewardship Committee

We understand with all the busy lifestyles we endure, some modifications should be made for us to be able to respond back to us with your opportunity to serve.

1.  You may complete the Commitment Form or Service Area Interest Form and send them via mail or drop them off at church.

2.  You may also go to the Ministries link at the menu bar at the top of this page.

3.  Hard copies can be found at the back of the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall.