The history of Zion dates back to June of 1926. Mr. And Mrs. E. G. Schroeder and family moved to Stillwater with the promise that Rev. George Royer, the pastor at Orlando, Oklahoma, would conduct Lutheran worship services (at least monthly) in Stillwater. That summer Pastor Hoyer established a "preaching station" in Stillwater and services were held on Sunday afternoons in the South Methodist Church, 6th and Husband, or the American Legion Hall, on Main, or in the Schroeder home.

On December 8, 1926, the congregation officially organized itself with Three chatter members:
E. G. Schroeder was elected chairman of the congregation, Philip Leininger elected secretary and Professor A. H. Koschmann was elected as treasurer. Those signing the Certificate of Incorporation of "Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Stillwater, Oklahoma" January 27, 1928 were the following A. IL Koschman, Henry Emde,  and Alfred Mueller, all of Stillwater.

The first communion service was conducted on the third Sunday in February, 1927 with the following individuals in attendance: Alfred Mueller, Mrs. Rudolph Mueller, Harold Koch, A. IL Koschman, Mrs. C. Bensene, Everett Schneider, Gilbert Schneider, Phillip Schneider; Phillip Leininger, William Kirch, Mrs. 0. L. Adams, Henry Banda, E. G. Schroeder, Mrs. E. G. Schroeder, T. R. Schwann, Elise Weber and Hilda Weber.

Pastor Bensene dedicated the new chapel to the Glory of God on Sunday, November 6, 1927. The chapel served the congregation until a brick church was dedicated on March 26, 1950.  The cornerstone was laid in 1949.  Construction began of a remodel on the present church in June 2014.  This remodel would add a bonus room with kitchen and bath to provide space for our college students.  The remodel saw 2 new classrooms, expansion of the sanctuary,  and a complete basement over hall with new classrooms for Sunday school.  The new church was dedicated on September 27, 2015, with Pastor Frank Kinast Jr. leading the dedication.

Our active membership currently includes 235 baptized members from Coyle, Glencoe, Morrison, Pawnee, Perkins and Stillwater communities as well as the Oklahoma State University community.

Thirtheen pastors have served Zion: Carl H. Bensene (1926-31), Luther V. Stephan (1931-43), Edward N. Schulte (1943-45), Gerhardt a Rusche (1945-49), Leon Birnbaum (1950-53), E George Becker (1953-56), Leonard Klitzing (1957-63), Charles Conner (1963-65), Donald Gnewuch (1966-73), Gerald Wyneken (1974-87), Carlton Rimer (1987-2007), Frank Kinast Jr. (2008-2016), and recently installed Rev. John Wackler (2016-present).